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Adult Coloring Craze

Adult Coloring Craze

Coloring & Painting Trending for Adults

Everyone has fond childhood memories that include boxes of Crayolas® and whiling away hours coloring or getting lost painting masterpieces proudly displayed on the family fridge. 

Creativity heightens during childhood years; however, studies prove as we age, our creativity drops significantly if it isn’t continually nurtured. 

Thankfully, coloring and painting are trending their way back into adults’ lives via adult coloring books, classes, workshops and painting parties, providing grownups plentiful opportunities to renew their creativity while recapturing moments of childhood fun!

Color Your World

Joan Fell sets out her colored pencils, looks through her book filled with intricate designs depicting an “Enchanted Forest,” and settles in to color flowers as granddaughters Zoe and Addie work by her side on Mickey and Minnie Mouse pages. Joan and thousands of adults across the U.S. are embracing coloring with open pencil and crayon boxes thanks to a huge resurgence sparked by Johanna Basford’s wildly popular adult coloring books. “Coloring is great fun,” Joan shares. “It’s relaxing and an easy, creative way to spend time.” 

Howard’s Art Supplies in Hagerstown and Anna’s Paperworks in Greencastle offer workshops and groups, interactive displays, and books and pages. Coloring is popular because it’s inexpensive, offers vast design selections of varying complexity, is easy to learn and is portable, states Ellen Collins, Howard’s Art Supplies owner. 

Patterns range from simple to highly intricate. “Florals and animals, especially cats, are always popular,” shares Ellen. “Nature and typographic designs also seem to be favorites,” states Denise Urban of Anna’s Paperworks. Crayons, colored pencils, pastels, chalk and markers may be used. 

Both women and men enjoy coloring, with moms embracing it as a fun activity to do with kids and teens. “Many women come to our classes with their kids,” shares Denise. “Older retired women enjoy it too.” 

“It’s the best stress reliever ever,” explains Maddie Harrison. Cory Rieck adds, “It’s a way to just relax and also be productive and creative.” Stacey Campbell enjoys coloring as a winter hobby. “It’s a creative outlet without having to necessarily create something from scratch. I used to draw when I was younger, but have long been out of that habit. It’s intimidating to stare at a blank page, so it’s nice to have an outline there to fill in. I can still be creative with color choice and shading.” 

Paint the Town 

Painting is another creative trend rising in popularity among adults. Hagerstown’s The Fine Arts Company and Abrakadoodle offer public and private painting parties plus fundraisers and events centered around creating a finished painting on canvas. 

 “It’s a social event that allows people to hang out with friends or meet new people in a creative atmosphere,” relates Melissa Kaiser of The Fine Art Company. Bridgett Jones Smith of Abrakadoodle shares, “We do everything from bachelorette parties to multi-generational family gatherings, balancing artful learning and fun.” Paint partygoers usually incorporate dining out and often enjoy favorite beverages while painting.  

Boston-based Paint Nite hosts events at restaurants and taverns around the globe, including Hagerstown’s 28 South, Bulls and Bears Pub and Eatery, and Barefoot Bernie’s. “Our artists share their passion for art and coupled with the bar/restaurant atmosphere, it makes for a really fun, creative night out,” explains Sean McGrail, Paint Nite co-founder. 

Painting doesn’t require experience. “Our goal is to create a sense of accomplishment, pride and a truly enjoyable, fun experience,” relates Melissa.  Artists direct painters step-by-step to create masterpiece interpretations, landscapes, still-life tableaus, animals and more. 

Debbie Kilgore attended her first painting party Valentine’s Day with her husband. “The instructor brought out the best in everyone.” Angie Youngblood rediscovered the hobby and now regularly attends painting parties and enjoys painting at home. “I forgot how much I loved it! I can honestly say it has brought a new joy to my life.”

Bridgett summarizes, “It’s a fun night out with purpose and meaning. Painting is a great way to tap into inner creativity you may not have known existed and express individuality. You come away with personalized art from the heart to enjoy and share.”

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