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On the Air: "I Love Nascar"

On the Air: "I Love Nascar"

On the Right Track

Comedic country singer Cledus T. Judd released a song a few years back entitled, “I Love NASCAR,” stating aloud the connection between racing and country music, one that has existed as long as the sport.

It’s a natural pairing. Country, like NASCAR, originated in the south and went on to become a national phenomena. In addition, at one time it would have been strange to hear of a country singer having grown up in Wisconsin or Indiana or Massachusetts. So too would it have been worthy of a double take to discover a stock car driver emerging from any of those locales. Today, however, both come from all corners of the country and even other parts of the world.

So this summer when you tune into a race on TV (as I’ll be doing) or if you’re fortunate enough to have the chance to go to a track in person, keep an eye out for the pickers, whether performing during the pre-race or singing the national anthem.

You might discover your next favorite singer.


-- JD

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