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"Are You Rich?"

"Are You Rich?"

I am about to begin my 20th year as a radio personality. As I look back on the past two decades, I ask myself if it was worth giving up many of the things a lot of people take for granted for a life filled with a little bit more excitement than the average Joe? The answer, yes! As I get ready for the next (and hopefully final) 20 years of my career, I thought I would honestly answer four of the most common questions people in my profession get asked. 1. “Are you rich?” No, I am not rich, but as with any career, if you put the time and effort in to be your very best, a good living can and will come. 2. “It must be awesome working only 5 hours a day, what do you do to keep busy?” In some sort of utopia I only work 5 hours a day. Sadly, after my show ends there is paperwork, commercials to produce, promotions to plan, and lots of boring stuff just like any other office job. 3. “Getting to go backstage and meet bands must be amazing.” Although I have a few bands I am sort of friends with, most backstage time is spent hearing tour managers yell at people to form a single file line, get an autograph, and keep moving. There is rarely a big party going on, and most artists hide on their busses or in dressing rooms until its time to play. There are exceptions (which are a blast...not going to lie) but that is the norm. 4. “Can you get me free tickets to...?” Yep, I sure can, but please don’t expect them. Sometimes people act like we owe them tickets or free passes because we are friends. If you get them, they are a gift, Please don’t hound me. I don’t get mad when my friend at State Farm doesn’t give me the same discount as his wife, or my butcher friend doesn’t give me free steak, but rather takes the leftovers home to his family, so please go easy on your radio friend about the free stuff. Rock On!

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