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Check Out the Summer Lineup at Shiley Acres

Check Out the Summer Lineup at Shiley Acres

We’re kicking off the 40th anniversary season of Shiley Acres coming up on Sunday, June 12th and the lineup does not disappoint!

Clutch, Drowning Pool, Valkyrie, Defending Cain and the Let There Be Rock School of Frederick, MD. If you’ve never been to a Shiley Acres show, you’re seriously missing out! Of course the day is filled with incredible live music but it’s so much more than that. A show at Shiley Acres is an experience. It’s a day for you to hang out with a bunch of people who enjoy the music you do, eat delicious food and consume a few adult beverages. Now, if you plan on partaking in the partying, you can camp at Shiley Acres and not have to worry about driving!

Last summer I got the chance to see Clutch for the first time and they were incredible! I’m thrilled to get the chance to see Drowning Pool for the first time, especially since they just dropped their new album ‘Hellelujah’ back in February. If you haven’t checked out Valkyrie, you need too! They’re lead by brothers, with a sound that feels like classic, heavy rock and vocals that are almost haunting. Our local boys, Defending Cain, never disappoint! And the Let There Be Rock School Of Frederick, MD always fills the stage with the most talented kids I’ve ever seen in my life!

I reached out to a few of the guys from Defending Cain about the upcoming show, Jeremy Dove (guitarist) says we should expect “A fun time with lots of smiles.” And Brandon Wright (vocals) added “This year, we couldn't be more excited to rock the stage with the mighty clutch and the epic drowning pool! Us Cain boys are ready to crank it up!”

If you’ve been to a show at Shiley Acres in the past 2 years, you know I have a tendency to tell really bad jokes on stage. I promise you, I have been working on my jokes and have really stepped up my game this year!

Tickets are only $30 in advance; you’re going to pay more than that to see ONE of these bands anywhere else! Tickets are $40 at the gate, so save yourself the $10 and get them NOW! You can buy them online or find ticket locations at

So get your tickets NOW and we’ll see you Sunday, June 12th at Shiley Acres!

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