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Comedy for charity at Chambersburg's Capitol Theatre

Comedy for charity at Chambersburg's Capitol Theatre

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — From jokes that set off laugh-out-loud moments to magic tricks that spark amazement, one can expect to be nothing less than entertained at these acts performed by Wes Holly, 52, an international performer and comedian residing in Baltimore.

In his upcoming show, “Magic, Music, and More!” he will perform his talents of being a juggler, comedian, and a magician at The Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug.15.

“I’ve always been the fun uncle in my family. I gravitated toward using magic tricks and entertaining my nieces and nephews and it grew from there. Gradually, I received opportunities to perform in daycare centers, large festivals, and churches,” Holly said.

He’s been an entertainer now for 20 years and generates an audience of about 3,000 people in which he performs a variety of acts including comedy skits, magic tricks, and juggling. He performs at a variety of venues such as festivals, company picnics, churches, school shows, birthday parties and fundraiser shows.

As a kid growing up he admired the goofiness portrayed in shows such as “Captain Kangaroo” and “Looney Tunes,” Holly said he uses scenes from these shows as inspiration when creating his acts.

“All of the variety shows that were on TV at that time I really enjoyed and is why I do a variety of formats in the show which is not just magic or juggling. It’s a mixture of all these skills that I’ve learned, putting them all together in a variety act,” Holly explained.

Aside from making people burst out in laughter and seeing smiley faces, Holly most enjoys performing when there is a beneficial cause behind his shows.

He will donate a portion of the ticket sales from his upcoming magic show to local organizations, including Healthy Communities Partnership of Greater Franklin County, Rotary Club of Chambersburg, and The Diaper Depot at Central. By selecting a group’s discount code, ticket buyers will receive $2 off of each ticket as well as generate a $2 donation to that group.

“When I know that my performance is going to make a difference that increases my enjoyment, which increases the level of the show and the quality of the show. It just elevates it much more when I know that people buy tickets to support these organizations, that’s going to help me give more enthusiasm knowing that making people laugh is going to help that organization perform their mission to the community and helping others,” Holly said.

These opportunities in giving back help offset the other side of the entertainment industry: the business side. Holly explained the aspects of running his business such as completing paperwork and keeping track of records are the most difficult parts of being a performer.

“Running the businesses and doing the shows is easy,” he said. “Maintaining the paperwork and the records is the hardest part.”

But the thrill of making others happy gives him the fuel to keep performing his acts whether here in the United States or abroad in China.

He noted that his shows always attract people from all ages from children to adults who all are dazzled at his energetic performances that he puts forth effort into every show to ensure high quality.

The curtains are not closing on Holly’s performances anytime soon as he is determined to keep providing wholesome entertainment for families around the world.

“My goal is to continue doing what I’m doing and make people happy,” he said. “I enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces every time I do a show. I want them to enjoy the performance as much I enjoy entertaining them.”

If you go …

WHAT: “Magic, Music, and More!” Comedy Magic Show
WHEN: 7 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug.15
WHERE: The Capitol Theatre, 159 S. Main St., Chambersburg, Pa.
COST: Tickets are only $8 when you choose one of the group codes and are available online at

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