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A Day Trip to Greencastle, Pennsylvania

A Day Trip to Greencastle, Pennsylvania

On an overcast and slightly chilly Saturday morning in late April, my mother and I hopped in the car and headed north on I-81 to the small borough of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, for a day of sipping tea, dining, shopping, and sightseeing.

Our first stop was Lady Mary’s Royal Tea, a Victorian-style tearoom that’s meticulously decorated with tables preset with fine china and glassware, beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and an interesting collection of vintage knickknacks resting on shelves and on the mantel.

The tearoom is only open by reservation on Saturday, so I had made a reservation for two for 10:30 a.m. I also had pre-ordered two Lady’s Cream Tea packages, which included fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits topped with crunchy granola, cheddar-dill and apricot-walnut scones with the requisite Devonshire cream and jam, and of course, pots of the tea of our choice. I chose a strong Irish breakfast tea, while my mom opted for a chocolate-cherry fruit blend.

Bellies full from our breakfast tea, we then drove around the block to the Up Scale Consignment Shop, where we spent an hour or so browsing the impressive collection of vintage clothing and accessories, including dresses, hats, and purses, as well as modern clothing, housewares, and jewelry. As we paid for our items at the register, we chatted with shop owner Ruth Mowen, who mentioned that she’s part of the Greencastle Shopkeepers, a group of six women who own unique shops in downtown Greencastle and work together to promote the shopping district. The other five shops include Joyful Arts Studio, the shop, Inner Beauty, Penny Lane, and Crown Vetch Cottage.

Next, we parked the car and explored some of the shops along the town’s square. We started with Anna’s Paperworks, which is part coffee shop, part custom stationery and gift store, and part art studio. The shop features several different rooms full of specialty papers, desktop accessories, greeting cards, and other gifts, as well as custom artworks and handicrafts made by local artisans. The sprawling shop also includes a coffee bar called The Write Cup and a gallery and event space called Studio U on the Square, where classes on paper crafting, rubber stamping, painting, lettering, and more are taught.

After perusing the wares--and finding me a really cool business card holder--at Anna’s Paperworks, my mom and I walked across the street to Lucky Girl Vintage, a small shop that is jam-packed with awesome antique and vintage furniture, housewares, and indoor and outdoor home decor.  

From there, we crossed another street and popped into E.L.M. Shoes to browse a bit before heading to Crown Vetch Cottage, a shop that sells a vast array of antiques and unique home decor, gifts, jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

We could have spent hours admiring the intricate and carefully arranged product displays at Crown Vetch Cottage, but wanting to reach our final, outdoor destination before the impending rainstorm, we left the shop after half an hour or so. We got back in the car and, before leaving the downtown area, drove the short distance to the Greencastle Coffee Roasters store, which is known for roasting coffee beans from all over the world using its antique Victorian-style roaster. The shop smelled heavenly. My mom bought a few different varieties of whole-bean coffee while I browsed the shop’s equally impressive tea selection.

After leaving Greencastle Coffee Roasters, we drove the ten minutes to our final destination: Martin’s Mill Bridge Park. The bridge, which was built in 1849, is 205 feet long and is the second longest covered bridge in the state. It’s also one of two covered bridges in Franklin County.

Since the latest renovation of Martin’s Mill Bridge was just completed last year, I thought seeing it would make a nice end to our day in downtown Greencastle, and I was right. My mom and I took in the peaceful surroundings--the sound of the stream flowing beneath the bridge and the sight of a field of verdant green grass beside the bridge’s bright, barn-red exterior--as we walked up to and across the bridge to the other side and back.

After admiring the picturesque scenery for a while, we hopped back in the car and headed home, just as it began to drizzle.


Lady Mary’s Royal Tea
30 W. Baltimore Street, Greencastle, Pa.

Up Scale Consignment Shop
24 W. Franklin Street, Greencastle, Pa.

Anna’s Paperworks
27 Center Square, Greencastle, Pa.

Lucky Girl Vintage
15 Center Square, Greencastle, Pa.   

E.L.M. Shoes
3 Center Square, Greencastle Pa.

Crown Vetch Cottage
27 S. Carlisle St., Greencastle, Pa.

Greencastle Coffee Roasters
42 E. Baltimore Street, Greencastle, Pa.

Martin’s Mill Bridge Park
3505 East Weaver Road, Greencastle, Pa.

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Ruth Mowen, up ...  | 

thank you for the wonderful article and for your mention and neat comment about up Scale Consignment Shop---please come visit us again

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