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Hagerstown Farmers Market wraps up year with letters to Santa

Hagerstown Farmers Market wraps up year with letters to Santa

It takes a lot of energy to pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. The famous reindeer were reportedly spotted eating brunch at the City Farmers Market in downtown Hagerstown during one of the Four Saturdays of Christmas.

The Christmas tree is up at the market, preparations for the holiday are in full swing and there is still one more Saturday to go before the big day.

This coming weekend will be the last of the Four Saturdays events and children and families are invited to send in their very last letters to Santa.

“We have two different sets of stationary,” said Kaitlin Bell, events and programs assistant for the City Farmers Market, adding that children can write letters to Santa, their parents or even the market’s vendors.

And what is a Christmas letter without a special seal? Bell said Saturday participants can seal their letters with special wax melts along with a silver stick that you can light and stamp with a metal seal in the shape of a snowflake.

“(The children) will know that Santa got their letter if the seal is broken,” Bell said.

This last Saturday will also feature a station for making what Bell called “reindeer treats,” free hot chocolate and a clothing drive for Children In Need Inc., a local nonprofit that helps assist children in Washington County with everyday needs.

The clothing drive has been going on throughout the month of December at the market.

The other Saturdays during the month featured a cookie contest, tree decorating and of course, visits with Santa.

“It has been fun, but not only fun for the kids, but something that the adults could get involved in, too,” Bell said.

One of the events that brought many adults and children to the market was the cookie contest held on the second of the four Saturdays.

City Market vendor Reggie Martin from Stop, Buy, N See was serving Almond Joy cookies, which won the competition, but it was how he was serving them that really was a hit.

“We had a few vendors who thought he would win,” Bell said. “He also had an advantage, because he had an oven in the back, so he was serving warm cookies. I’ll take a warm cookie any day,” she said.

Warm cookies, letters to Santa, a stop from the reindeer and free hot chocolate were plenty to put market visitors in the holiday mood. 

Even though the last of the Four Saturdays of Christmas will closeout the year for the Hagerstown City Farmers Market, Bell said there are many events ready to be rolled out in the new year.

“What we have planned now is Spring in the Market,” Bell said.

Plans are underway for the market to partner with the Boonsboro chapter of the FFA along with a local farm to bring baby animals to the market.

“It will be a miniature petting zoo outside the market,” Bell said, adding that she plans to have seed packets for visitors to take home.

Bringing in the baby animals is just one of the events Bell has planned. She said that its important to showcase the market as offering more than just fruits and vegetables. 

“I think it’s something people overlook or think of as just produce, but it’s more than that; it’s more than the average farmers market,” she said.

While spring is a few months away, there is still time to visit the market this weekend and get one last letter to Santa before Christmas.

“If you haven’t been out to (the market) before or haven’t been out in a few years, make it a stop for the weekend,” Bell said. “Come out and experience what Hagerstown has to offer.”

If you go ...

WHAT: The Four Saturdays of Christmas 
WHEN: 5 a.m. to noon, Saturday
WHERE: The City Farmers Market, 25 W. Church St., Hagerstown
COST: Free

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