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Health Profile: Donna Spitz

Health Profile: Donna Spitz

Donna Spitz, 43, personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Hagerstown

Spitz said she encourages people to change their habits for the long haul, not make resolutions that they might not keep.

"It has to be a lifestyle thing," said Spitz, who is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. "It's all about dedication."

She stays motivated by surrounding herself with like-minded people and also has a workout buddy.

"It holds me accountable," said Spitz, who has been a personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Hagerstown for more than four years.

She started working out in her 20s after her body started changing as the result of having children, who are now 14, 17 and 20.

She exercises in the morning six days a week and schedules sessions with her clients around her workouts. If she takes more than one day a week off from exercise, Spitz said she feels off-kilter.

"I am like a dog that needs a walk," she said.

While 90 percent of her exercise is done in the gym, she also likes to go hiking.

Spitz is conscious of the food she uses to fuel her active lifestyle.

"I know how my body reacts when I eat well and when I eat poorly," she said, so she tries to focus on eating healthfully to feel her best.

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