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It's a superhero super party

It's a superhero super party

NOTE: This event is now sold out!

First came the Washington County Recreation Department’s Princess Party. Girls dressed up as and interacted with other princesses.

They loved it and parents loved it, department office manager Dyanne Sharrar said. But then parents began to ask, “What can we do for the boys?”

In response, the department came up with a Superhero Party. For more than five years now, parents have been dressing their boys and their girls as superheroes and heading to the Hagerstown Community College’s Athletic, Recreation and Community Center for some pow!, boom!, kablam! kind of fun. This year’s event will be from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17.

The recreation center becomes a world where young superheroes can imagine unleashing their energies against crime and supervillains.

“They love the obstacle course,” Sharrar said. “We have it set up with big pieces of equipment and we have staff stationed there. There are tunnels, a trampoline, a moon bounce, gymnastics equipment they can crawl over and jump off of, scooters they can race. It’s just really heartwarming to see the excitement.”

The party also features a bat cave where children can shop.

“When each child comes to the event,” Sharrar said, “they hand us their ticket to get in and they get a bag that includes gold coins that they use to shop at the bat cave. There is all sorts of stuff they can select from.”

Items include toy swords, masks, pens and more.

Another favorite feature of the event for kids, Sharrar said, is collecting autographs from adult-size superheroes who attend. The recreation department lines up people dressed as Spiderman, Batman and other caped crusaders who interact with young fans. Autograph books are provided with admission tickets.

It’s not just imaginary superheroes who hit the part, but real-life superheroes as well. Sharrar said fire, police, rescue and military personnel attend the event, bringing along equipment to show attendees.

“Last year, we brought in some sort of military vehicle. We’ve had a a firetruck, and the kids get in it to see first hand with firefighters, all dressed in gear,” she said.

Other highlights include activity stations, temporary superhero tattoos and a parade of superheroes.

“You see the excitement of the kids when they are greeted by Captain America or Batman or Thor,” Sharrar said. “There are lots of opportunities to take pictures. It’s a fun event in the middle of winter, something fun for kids to do. They have that big gym, with stuff spread out in a wide open space. They are worn out by the time they are done, so it’s a good thing.”

Registration is open up to the day of the event. No tickets will be sold at the door.

If you go ...

WHAT: Superhero Party
WHEN: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17
WHERE: Hagerstown Community College Athletic, Recreation and Community Center, 11400 Robinwood Dr., Hagerstown
COST: Tickets cost $5 for children ages one to 12 and $2 for ages 13 through adult. Admission is free for those younger than one year. No tickets will be sold at the door.
CONTACT: Go to online; go to Washington County Recreation Department - Maryland on Facebook; or call 240-313-2805. 


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