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Lynn Gundry's studio is part of Trails and Trees Studio Tour of Berkeley County

Lynn Gundry's studio is part of Trails and Trees Studio Tour of Berkeley County

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Lynn Gundry can look at pieces of colored glass and turn them into works of art.

Gundry, 66, is one artist among several other artists and artisans who will present their artwork and work spaces at the seventh year celebration of The Trails and Trees Studio Tour of Berkeley County Saturday, Nov. 4, and  Sunday, Nov. 5.

“Glass art is an age-old craft in which the steps have to be followed," she said. "The process is the same, but the outcome is different for each artist."

She explained that the process of making such elaborate pieces out of glass begins with an idea in her head. After laying out a pattern, Gundry then traces on the glass and uses a glass cutter to cut the glass.

Gundry had taken a class at a glass studio then known as “The Glass Odyssey” located in the Snohomish, Wash. That's when her interest was piqued. 

Her artistry skills shines through as she grinds each glass piece in order to smooth out the rough edges and make them exact on each side.

“Unlike flat pieces, which I also like to create, I prefer working on dimensional pieces such as boxes and angels because it’s more challenging,” Gundry said.

Beginning in 1978, Gundry has dedicated her time in improving her skills in glass art starting with the class she took at The Glass Odyssey.

Gundry took the knowledge she gained from the class and decided to expand her gift of artistry by opening up her own art studio called, The Labyrinth Art Glass, at 123 S. Maple Ave. in Martinsburg.

Inside The Labyrinth Art Glass studio, Gundry turned the sun room section into a glass art display room.

“The business side of this type of work is production work. I also do custom work where I’m able to be more creative,” Gundry said.

Aside from taking custom orders from clients, Gundry has also worked with churches. When in charge of designing a set of church windows, Gundry said that the project usually takes on average three months to complete or sometimes longer.

While Gundry considers these projects rewarding when undertaking them, she added that the workload is substantial.

“It’s very hard work because you’re dealing with a building committee and working with very large windows,” Gundry said.

In preparation for the Trails and Trees Studio Tour, Gundry said that she is looking forward to interacting with the public and educating them about the craft of glass art.

Most importantly to Gundry is that individuals become motivated to buy local as she considers the decision to do so as, “very important.”

These days, Gundry mainly does wholesale work but still accepts custom work orders from clients who seek specific art pieces.

She added that what she enjoys most about glass art is the finished product — the way light shines through the glass and its unique texture.

Gundry believes that everyone have the ability to pursue artistic endeavors.

“Inside all of us is a creative gene,” Gundry said.

During the tour, visitors will get the chance to explore several artisans’ work and studios along the back roads of Berkeley County.

They will be able to go at their own pace as they visit each studio to personally meet each artisan and artist and learn more about their craft.

Each studio provides refreshments and door prizes. There is even a chance to win a grand prize of $200 for those tour guests who enter the Passport to Creativity drawing.

Gundry encourages individuals to pursue the arts, to try out a variety of forms of creative activities.

“I encourage individuals to find their creative outlet, whether that’s through writing, drawing or any other creative form,” Gundry said.

If you go…

WHAT: Trails and Trees Studio Tour of Berkeley County
WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov.  4 and Sunday, Nov. 5 
WHERE: Various locations in Berkeley County, W.Va. 
COST: Free admission 
CONTACT: For more information go to,
MORE: For more information about Lynn Gundry, find her on her Facebook page, Labyrinth Art Glass or by calling her at 304-596-3639

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