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Magnifying glass, thinking caps may be needed for art show

Magnifying glass, thinking caps may be needed for art show

The Mansion House Gallery, located at the City Park in Hagerstown, will host an opening art reception titled “My Story,” from 2 to 4:30 p.m., on Sunday, March 1.

The exhibit will include paintings by Greencastle, Pa., artist Nicole Troup, who will feature portraits of local and national individuals along with their written inspiring stories. What makes these paintings unique is not only the story associated with each person, but the hidden messages and codes that Troup has included in the paintings. Some of these hidden messages tell us a little about the person painted in the portrait and will allow viewers to interact with the art and search for the hidden messages.

What inspired Troup to create a painting series with hidden messages is because of her fascination with old master paintings such as Jan van Eyck and Leonardo who often hid messages or codes in their artwork. First and foremost, Troup wanted to create paintings that told the stories of special individuals who have a story that may encourage or inspire someone else.

So put your thinking caps on when you come to the opening reception for the art exhibit. Clues will be given to visitors at the opening show. Exhibit will run from March 1 through March 29. For more information and for gallery hours, call the gallery at 301-797-2867 or contact Troup at 717-331-1003.

Top photo: “Vitiligo Beauty,” an original painting by Nicole Troup.

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