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Mistakes Women Make At The Gym

Mistakes Women Make At The Gym

By Chad Smith, NASM-CPT


Women are wonderful.

I mean, they make the world go round and have way more power than they think they do.

But boy oh boy do they make MISTAKES IN THE GYM. They do horrible things. Like that inner thigh machine, elliptical machines, pink dumbbells, Spanx, Skecher Shape-Ups, etc.

However the 2 absolute WORST mistakes they make are:


--->> Doing long-slow-steady-state cardio

--->> Thinking weights will make them ‘bulky’


This needs to stop.

The world needs more fit women.. but making these mistakes is just making girls flabby instead of fit.

Let me explain:

You need muscle to look good.

Muscle makes you strong, firm, gives you definition, and keeps your metabolism high.

And long-slow-cardio kills muscle

So if you want to get lean and keep all your muscle, stop all the jogging on treadmills, ellipticals, and stairmasters. There's a reason why the ‘cardio queens’ at the big chain gyms (those girls that live on the stairmaster) NEVER get definition. In fact, long-slow cardio actually lowers your T3 thyroid hormone production. Which basically means your body is less 'able' to burn fat. Shorter, high-intensity workouts are way more effective in burning fat.

So do those instead...and lift weights.


Because nothing bothers me more than seeing girls ‘scared’ of getting bulky. The only way you’ll ever get bulky is if you lift heavy and eat horrible.


It’s like this:

Eat horrible + lift no weight -> Get fat and weak

Eat horrible + lift weight -> Get fat, strong, and bulky

Eat good + lift no weight -> Get skinny with no definition

Eat good + lift weight -> Jessica Biel


From my experience, 99% of all girls go through cycle #2 above. They start lifting weights, but still eat bad. So they build muscle, but keep the fat. Their arms get bigger and they freak out. Then they blame it on the weights and either start doing light-weights at a million reps..

Or they simply vow to never lift weights again...while in reality it was their nutrition’s fault all along.

If you keep eating sugar, you will DISABLE your body from burning fat. Eat sugar and your body will have to burn the sugar before it burns your belly fat. Eat no sugar and your body goes nom-nom-nom on your bellyfat, and voila – definition in your stomach comes easy.


Can weights make you bulky? Yeah, if you eat horrible (sugary foods). It’s not 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. It’s 100% nutrition and 100% exercise because they’re different things.


If you lift right, and eat right, you’ll get lean and defined all over. But you need to have them both. Exercise AND nutrition. If you just have one you'll simply waste your time.


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