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My One And Only to share 'The Past Year'

My One And Only to share 'The Past Year'

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Nashville, Tenn., duo My One and Only is on their way to something big.

Married couple Ben and Kassie Wilson will perform at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 4, at the Trinity Orchard House in Martinsburg. The concert is part of the First Friday Coffeehouse series.

The couple’s new EP features not only songs listeners can tap their toe to, but solid lyrics, too. Their music is described as Southern soul mixed with curious grit.

“This new record is called ‘The Past Year’,” said Ben Wilson during a telephone interview while in the car with Kassie in Nashville. “It’s called that because it took about a year to figure out what we wanted to be. Kassie and I have been singing as separate artists for a long time. A year-and-a-half ago we officially decided to become a duo. It was quite the process, but we went through the year and decided what we wanted.”

The record was produced by a well-known Nashville producer.

“The record was produced by Alabama Shakes producer, Andrija Tokic,” Ben Wilson said. “He produced their first album ‘Boys and Girls’.”

The tracks on “The Past Year” draw from personal experience.

“My favorite song on the record is ‘Lord, I Need Some Mercy’, which is a song Ben and I wrote,” Kassie Wilson said. “It was inspired by my older brother who struggled with addiction. He was addicted to crystal meth for about 15 years; it almost ruined his life. It not only affected him but the people around him. He went to Adult and Teen Challenge. He ended up going and graduated the second time, and he’s currently been clean for three years, and is currently the head of the facility that he graduated from. God really changed him inside and out. That song is from the perspective of an addict. That’s what it’s my favorite, it’s really close to my heart.”

My One and Only is no stranger to the touring life.

“We have been traveling quite a bit,” Ben Wilson said. “We came out with our new EP, so a lot before that and then some now. The Martinsburg show is the start of a decent stretch for us on the East Coast.”

When the duo was starting out, gigs were not always glamorous.

“There was this place in Georgia, this small town we played at,” Ben Wilson said. “We were playing late into the night, and people can get crazy late at night. It was one of those gigs where people come on stage and try to talk to you while you’re singing. The night ended with someone knocking over a PA speaker.”

“Have you seen ‘Roadhouse?’” Kassie Wilson said. “ It was like that. We said we were done with the gig.”

My One and Only has gone on to play better gigs.

“We’ve been getting to do all of our original music,” Kassie Wilson said. “We’ve played the Crimson Moon in Georgia and Uncommon Ground in Chicago. We really get to share our stories and hearts with the crowd. We’ve been doing this for seven years now. Anytime where we can do shows where it’s our music is where I’m the happiest. This whole East Coast tour we’re promoting our new record and sharing our news.”

The couple is excited to be playing in Martinsburg.

“This will be our first time to play in the area,” Ben Wilson said. “We’re looking forward to it.”

Top photo: Kassie and Ben Wilson aka My One and Only will perform Friday at Trinity Orchard House in Martinsburg, W.Va., as part of the First Friday Coffeehouse series. (Photo courtesy of Photography By Rae)

If you go ...

WHAT: My One and Only
WHERE: Trinity Orchard House, 4599 Shepherdstown Road, Martinsburg, W.Va.
WHEN: Friday, Jan. 4 - 7 p.m.
COST: Free

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