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NXTpass Biz profile: Hagerstown Fitness Revolution

NXTpass Biz profile: Hagerstown Fitness Revolution

Experience the new revolution in fitness

Hagerstown Fitness Revolution

Chad Smith, Owner

You were already a big name in the community for fitness training through other local gyms and media. What prompted you to break away and start something new on your own?

Our clients needed a central home, something to be created for their needs. We needed a location custom built for our training style and philosohy. We were overdue, but it was also the right time.

How has it worked out having your wife, also a trainer, as a business partner?

Ha! It can be a challenge! Although we do have some “passionate fellowships”, always letting our mission of providing consistant world class coaching, training, and services guide our ultimate decisions, and helps us focus on our members needs not always “getting our way”.

What advice was most helpful to you when you first started this business venture?

Stay true to your brand, and always keep your competition playing catch up on every level.

You’ve recently expanded your business space. What got you to this next level?

Our awesome members!!! We do our best to create a culture of fun, and community here. We have great members who are always our flag bearers, and always invite their friends to come see what we do here. Fortunately most of them like it!


Learn the Fitness Revolution difference at, on Facebook at Fitness Revolution Hagerstown, or on Instagram and Twitter at #frhagerstown!

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