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NXTpass Biz profile: Leni d's Za Fast

NXTpass Biz profile: Leni d's Za Fast

The Secret to ZA Fast

Leni d’s ZA fast

Owners: Derek and Brecke Helman

When choosing locations, what led you to open your business off of Garland Groh?

What led us to the location off of Garland Groh was the opportunity to be next to some of the countries most successful franchises. A central location with shopping and an array of eating opportunities was an attraction for me.


A ZA fast pizza is a new concept for this area. How have residents responded to the quality ingredients and super fast preparation time?

The response from the people that have come in and tried us out has been great. So many positives have come from our customers and they appreciate the quality and freshness of our product. The only downfall has been getting people to know what leni d’s is all about. The fact that pizza is not in our name can lead some to question. But, once they do come in, the repeat business is very strong!

You have had a uniquely-branded operation from the start. How has that been key to your success?

People love the concept of Leni d’s. They enjoy watching their ZA being made right in front of their eyes and having it ready in minutes. There are endless combinations! We also cater to the gluten free/vegan customers.

The mission of Leni d’s is to build top quality pizza using best quality ingredients across the board. The restaurant seves “wicked good pizza” in 3 minutes or less - or as lend d’s says, “ZA fast!” 


Check out Leni d’s on Facebook at Leni d’s ZA fast and online at


17997 Garland Groh Blvd

Hagerstown, MD 21740


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