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NXTpass Biz Profile: National Beard Company

NXTpass Biz Profile: National Beard Company

All About Facial Hair

National Beard Company

Thomas Dasch, co-owner


It’s a pretty bold move opening a business that’s all about facial hair. Tell us how you got here.

I’ve always had the potential to grow a great beard but my attempts always fell short due to discomfort. Itchiness, dryness, and beard-druff plagued my attempts at growing a beard. I happened upon beard oil after Googling and ordered my first bottle from an online retailer. Once I applied the beard oil, I knew this is what I had been missing out on. I noticed a lack of organic options on the market and sometimes even a lack of natural options. I saw a place in the market for a new product line and set out finding the highest quality organic and natural oils I could that performed optimally for the beard and face and long-lasting scents that could replace a cologne. My best friend and business partner was working on all of our labeling, packaging, website, and marketing material.

You’re running your business with your childhood friend. How is that working out for the both of you?

I wouldn’t want to work with another person. We’ve been friends for so long, we know how each other think. This has been a blessing since we are working on opposite sides of the country. I do well interacting with people and going to vendor events or shows. Dan does amazing on the computer with graphics design and coding. We try to play on our strengths so we don’t struggle in areas that we aren’t comfortable doing.

How do you tailor your marketing since a significant part of the general audience does not have facial hair?

People may think we tailor our marketing and events specifically towards bearded men. For the most part this is true. We have a retailer who has been with us from the start, Citizen Frederick, in Frederick, MD - a men’s clothing shop and barber shop. Some of the events we are participating in should have a high level of bearded men such as the upcoming Quad State Beer Fest and Mt. Airy’s Beards, Beers, and Brauts festival. But I’ve also tried markets that are not beard-centric like salons and women’s clothing stores. Our thinking is that women are actually negatively affected by their partner’s stiff, scratchy beard and they want a product that can help. You don’t want to target your marketing too narrowly and miss potential sales.

How do you find it beneficial to have most of your products sold online?

We sell online and in local retailers. Selling online is great as it keeps overhead low and allows me to work my normal job. Being online is less personable then having a brick and mortar store so we really try and do a lot to connect with our customers. We are heavy into social media and keep an active blog. All of our online orders get a handwritten thank you note from myself. I had a woman recently from Red Wood, CA order some beard oil for her soon to be husband. I threw in another bottle and wished them good luck. Being online you have to let your customers know you care.


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