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Pieter's Progress: Tri, Tri Again!

Pieter's Progress: Tri, Tri Again!

There are a few words that start with “tri” that I like.  Tricycle brings back fond memories of nursery school.  Triceratops is definitely one of the coolest dinosaurs that walked the earth.

But after my recent doctor’s appointment, I became aware of a new word: Triglyceride.

I’ve determined it is latin for “caught cheating on your diet.”

As part of my regular checkup at Potomac Family Medicine, a member of Meritus Medical Group, my physician, Dr. Bukhari, wanted me to get a blood test.  This may strike fear in some of you, especially if you don’t like needle. 

Honestly, the needle was the easy part.  The hardest thing is fasting!

You have to stop eating at least 12 hours before your appointment.  It’s not a big deal the night before.  It’s when you wake up… and can’t have your cup of coffee. I always make my appointment first thing in the morning.

Back in the doctor’s office, my coffee craving quenched, Dr. Bukhari was going through my test results.  And I can’t really complain.  There was no sign that I have any form of diabetes or kidney problems, which is a big plus.  And most of my other readings were normal.

But Triglyceride were marked in RED.  I wasn’t just a little bit over the normal level.  Mine were THREE TIMES higher than they should be.


Dr. Bukhari asked me if there’d been any changes in my eating habits lately. And if I had been exercising regularly.

I guess it wasn’t the brightest idea to get a blood test so soon after going on vacation.

My week of burgers and beers, ice cream and snacks caught up with me.

But Dr. Bukhari is a fan of vacations… even from healthy living.  Food is an important part of any celebration, and so it is certainly okay to enjoy it.

He told me the best way to get my triglycerides down was to exercise.

Caught again.

I haven’t been the best at exercising.  I did run the Krumpe’s Donut 5k.  Okay, I didn’t really run it.  It was more like sauntering.

It’s obvious I need to get back in the routine of moving my body a bit more.  Walking, biking, swimming.  Something that I enjoy.

I will say, going to the doctor really helped. I had a feeling I needed a bit of a restart, and he had the numbers to prove it.

So now I’m on a mission.  Get down those “tri” numbers.  As long as it doesn’t involve giving up coffee!

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