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Plate Scrapers play some mountain music

Plate Scrapers play some mountain music

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa — Good music and good brews are what’s planned for Friday night at The Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg with Mountain Music and Moonshine. The bluegrass event features The Plate Scrapers and Mountain Ride.

The Plate Scrapers banjo player and vocalist Derek Kretzer said to expect a lot of original music in their set.

“We’ve released three albums. So we have a lot of original material out there,” he said. “We’ll probably be playing a lot of that. And we have a lot of traditional-type bluegrass and we play from the popular bluegrass bands of the past and some of the present, and then we a mix of some covers.”

For their part, covers goes beyond bluegrass music to include pop music from different eras.

“We’ve done some Beatles, and some Bob Dylan stuff, kind of in the bluegrass style,” Kretzer said. “So it’ll be a mixture of kind of all that.”

The Plate Scrapers got together about 2 1/2 years ago, Kretzer said, although most members have been parts of other bands through the years.

“It was kind of a weekly jam at friend’s farm, out in the Middletown (Md.) area, and we would get together every Sunday, and we would get together and just jam,” he said. “And it was very much centered around the bluegrass genre, old-time music. We kind of found ourselves that way, if you will.”

The original members were Kretzer of Hagerstown and his brother, Brett Kretzer, also of Hagerstown, who plays mandolin and sings; Andrew Jordan, of Hedgesville, W.Va., who plays guitar; and bass player Kevin Johnson, of Leesburg, Va. In the past year, Dobro player Jody Mosser of Cumberland, Md., has been added.

Derek Kretzer said that besides singing, he played guitar for about 14 years and has been mastering banjo for about five years.

“Playing banjo and this kind of music is really kind of a newer adventure for myself,” he said.

But Kretzer has plenty of time to hone his banjo skills, as The Plate Scrapers is basically a full-time gig for him.

“Last week we had three gigs and a live radio performance,” he said. “We’re busy every week with two or three shows and traveling in and out of the area.”

Kretzer said most of his gigs consist of traveling through the Quad-State area, but The Plate Scrapers also tour more extensively along the East Coast.

“In March we’re going down to North Carolina and we’re gonna be playing in Kentucky and Ohio,” he said. “We’ve been up to Vermont and as far down as Alabama in the course of a year.”

And when The Plate Scrapers travel to a gig, Kretzer said he can expect to see any age group in the audience.

“Honestly, it’s really all over the map. During the summer, we play a lot of outdoor festivals and large events so we kind of have everyone at these events,” he said.

Other than that, he said he sees audience members in their 20s, 30s and older.

Kretzer said he expects to have a good time at Friday’s show in Chambersburg with Mountain Ride.

“We’ve actually played a number of shows together in the past, and they’ve gone over really well,” he said.

If you go ...

WHAT: Mountain Music and Moonshine with The Plate Scrapers and Mountain Ride
WHEN: Friday, Feb. 17; cash bar available at 6 p.m.; music starts at 7
WHERE: The Capitol Theatre, 159 S. Main St., Chambersburg, Pa.
COST: Tickets cost $14 plus service fee
CONTACT: Call 717-263-0202 or go to
MORE: For more information about The Plate Scrapers, go to, or check out their Facebook page

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