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Rock Out Your Workout

Rock Out Your Workout

Pound Away the Pounds!

Admit it – you've wondered (more than once!) what it would feel like to be a drummer onstage in a rock and roll band, beating out an energizing rhythm that's responsible for creating a party-like atmosphere filled with excitement and euphoria. Now that fantasy of rock and roll glory can come to life in your fitness workout, thanks to POUND, a beat-based, high-tempo jam session combining Pilates, cardio, interval, plyometrics, isometrics and strength training. Fitness Revolution Hagerstown is offering POUND group classes in the Tri-State region.

Fitness Revolution Hagerstown Co-Owner Kat Smith discovered POUND while she was looking for new group fitness classes to offer. "I saw it and liked it immediately," Smith said. "It's fun, exciting, fresh and edgy. It offers a way to channel your inner rock star with a complete body workout for any fitness level."

The POUND workout began in Los Angeles and is a mash-up of conditioning and cardio interval training that incorporates deep plie squats, lunges, and jumps with the distraction of drumming. The program's only equipment is its signature Ripstix -- a pair of green drumming sticks weighing a quarter-pound each -- specifically designed to force core and stabilizer muscles to contract throughout the program's progressions, deepening moves that target arms, abs, core, thighs, butt, and legs and raising heart rates into fat-burning zones. Continual upper body motion and constant simulated drumming combine forces to achieve a leaner, slimmer physique, lower cortisol levels to reduce stress, and boost overall immunity.

"The sticks are a strategic distraction that disconnects the mind from the physicality of what the body is doing," shares Kat. "POUND is the only workout where participants can hear how hard they're working out. It's physiologically taxing -- all extremities are going at once. You have to deepen the moves to hit the floor."
The POUND workout builds progressions which can be 15- 30- or 45-minutes in length, with add-on progressions creating more challenging workouts. Each progression features an "Opener" warm up, the main workout, and a "POUNDdown" cool down to stretch out specifically worked muscle groups. The program incorporates four types of progressions: bass line, which focuses on lower body; tune up targets upper body, POUNDcore focuses on abs; and cardio jam session is all about cardio. "POUNDtrack" music encompasses all genres, with songs lasting two to four minutes, and creates a lively, fun-filled atmosphere. During a 30-minute POUND progression, participants may perform upward of 6,000 repetitions, 20 extended interval peaks and accomplish almost 50 techniques.

Fitness Revolution Hagerstown will offer the class Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. as part of its regular fitness schedule beginning January 31. "We gained a lot of interest in the demo and sample session and feel POUND will grow as a regular offering on our group fitness class roster," shares Kat. Fitness Revolution Hagerstown POUND participants must pre-purchase their own set of Ripstix (available for purchase at Fitness Revolution Hagerstown) and make reservations to attend classes. Fitness Revolution Hagerstown will institute a drop-in fee to participants per each pre-registered class. "POUND makes participants feel empowered – it's a social and fun full-body workout for people who are all fitness levels," concludes Kat.

For your POUND class reservation, please call:
Fitness Revolution Hagerstown
934 Sweeney Drive #7a, Hagerstown, MD 21740
240.707.6151 •

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