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Splashers vs. Runners

Splashers vs. Runners

Brought to you by Capitol Women's Care- Hagerstown

At Capital Women’s Care, the staff is dividing themselves into two groups: splashers and runners!  The “splashers” get to throw colored powder at the “runners” as they jog around Fairgrounds Park at next month’s HEAL Color Splash 5k on September 13th. The Color Splash holds a special place in their hearts because it supports HEAL of Washington County, an organization founded by CWC’s Dr. Mitesh Kotari to give Washington County residents free ways to get healthy.  Many CWC employees took part in last year’s inaugural race and shared their favorite memories.


Tina - Dr. Kothari’s Medical Assistant (Splasher) - The Color Splash was super fun as I was able to “splash” my co-worker runners with purple-colored powder!  I actually tripped and accidentally dumped an entire cup of purple powder on one of my co-workers!  I especially enjoyed the camaraderie with other splashers and having the opportunity to cheer on the Capital Women’s Care runners.


Kathy - Dr. Manger’s Medical Assistant (Splasher) - I’ve never seen so many men, women, and children run up to you and actually want to be splashed with colored powder. Most of them would asked to be “colored” in certain areas that were still clean.  There was so much positive energy from all participants, no matter if they were splashing or running.  Everybody was smiling!  This is such a great family event.


Stephanie - Sonographer (Runner) - This event meant so much to me.  I was able to run the Color Splash with my daughter, Chloe.  The Color Splash is the only 5k my daughter will participate in because the others don’t have people throwing colored powder on you.  This 5k allowed us to really bond and share our passion for running with one another.


Heidi - Front Desk Administrative Assistant (Runner) - I found the Color Splash to be so motivating.  Everyone, whether you knew them or not, gave you words of encouragement to help you push on and finish the race.  It was so much fun trying to dodge our Capital Women’s Care color station.  You just knew they were waiting for the first opportunity to splash you.  Which they did!!


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