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Tri-State Ghostbusters battle to help local charities

Tri-State Ghostbusters battle to help local charities

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — The famous quote, “Who ya gonna call?” is one of the driving forces behind The Ghostbusters Tri-State Division’s mission.

Founded in June of 2016, The Ghostbusters Tri-State Division is a nonprofit organization operating out of Charles Town, W.Va., whose aim is to be a source that local charities can call on for help.

Bobby Petersen, 33, president and founder of The Ghostbusters Tri-State Division said one of the organization’s goals is to help the lesser-known charities. The group borrows its name from the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters” who rid New York City from Slimer and his pals.

“Our mission is to help local charities in our area who are often forgotten and who do not have the same notoriety as larger charities,” Petersen said.

The Ghostbusters of the Tri-State organization is one of hundreds of other groups located in different areas and they are also an Official Ghost Corps Franchise.

With the help of other members of the organization who include: Josh Jones, vice president and treasurer; Lacy Smith-Jones, inventory lead; Cheryl Petersen, team member; Jacob Tobin, team member, and the Junior Division, for cadets 17 and younger, have been helping their local community for more than a year and a half.

When supporting local charity events, the Ghostbusters of the Tri-State set up tables that include displays of Ghostbuster-themed memorabilia and other related merchandise that attendees can purchase.

According to Petersen, 100 percent of the funds raised get dispersed to the charities.

He said giving back to the community has always been a priority to him, a value that he instills in his son, Landon Petersen, 9, who is also a member of the organization.

“It’s important to give back to the less fortunate and by me being a father, I want to show my son the importance of helping others,” Petersen said.

About a week before Christmas last year, the organization collected new and gently used toys, clothes, and money used to purchase additional toys and clothes. They donated more than $1,200 worth of toys to the Shenandoah Women’s Center, a nonprofit community-based agency to help women who have been the victims of domestic violence.

In addition to working with the Shenandoah Women’s Center, the Ghostbusters organization also works with The Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County, W.Va., by collecting animal food, cleaning supplies, and money to provide additional support.

While at MAGLabs and MAGFest, a music and gaming festival held annually in the Washington D.C. area, the Tri-State Ghostbusters use the funds raised as donations to support the efforts of MAGFest Inc. to raise money for Child’s Play Charities.

They also extended their services out of state for individuals affected by the natural disaster.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that struck Texas, the team was able to raise more than $300 for the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Moreover, they also donated $600 to the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County, as well as more than $500 to the Child’s Play Foundation, which supports children’s hospitals around the United States.

Petersen said the organization partners with school and hosts events for the students.

“We really enjoy working with the schools and participating in activities such as making ghost slim out of glue,” Petersen said.

As part of their reputation of fighting off ghosts, the Ghostbusters Tri-State Division also attend birthday parties.

They entertain party guests using their ghostbuster tools and other memorabilia to evoke nostalgia.

The Tri-State Ghostbuster Division also participate in parades.

Petersen noted that the organization is open to working with other charities in the area.

To learn more about the Tri-State Ghostbuster Division, click here or call Bobby Petersen at 304-820-2005.

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