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Waynesboro's Ethan Larsh produces his first album

Waynesboro's Ethan Larsh produces his first album

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — A combination of love, God, and Coca-Cola are some of the themes that make up Ethan Larsh’s debut album, “Ethan Larsh Breaks Hearts.”

Larsh, 28, who resides in Waynesboro said the album reflects the sounds of power pop and the complex keys of the piano.

“I try really hard to sound similar like power pop bands such as The Beatles but a little more modern, but with that same sense of rock pop sensibility,” Larsh said.

And people will be able to hear him perform his songs at The Frederick Coffee Company and Cafe at 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 6, in Frederick, Md.

Larsh plays lead vocals, piano, keys, percussion, and backing vocals on his album, “Ethan Larsh Breaks Hearts.”

It consists of a 12-track album that features boldly titled songs such as, “I Miss Cocaine,” “Coca-Cola,” and “I Break Hearts All Around The World.”

The album is described by Larsh as “poppy piano-driven music.” 

Unlike more common musical genres, power pop is a rock music subgenre that typically involves string- based instruments such as the electric guitar or bass guitar.

Larsh was drawn to these musical instruments beginning early in his childhood.

At 7 years old he began playing the piano and later attended the University of Oklahoma School of Music.

After two years in the program, he eventually switched, and in 2011 earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

But Larsh never stopped practicing his love of music.

With the help of his producer, Tim Franklin, Larsh was able to bring to fruition his creative vision for the album, “Ethan Larsh Breaks Heart.”

He said, “It’s like a McCartney influence kind of thing,” and compared his album to the sounds of other artists such as Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and Tobias Jesso Jr.

The process involved Franklin and Larsh who made the basic tracks, which was recorded by Scott Fish at Stable Studio in Chambersburg, Pa., and the two crafted the overdubs between Larsh’s house and inside his parent’s basement.

After a year-and-a-half, the album was completed and released on Nov. 11.

Although he is working on another album project, Larsh wants to first assess how fans will react to “Ethan Larsh Breaks Hearts.”

“I wanna let this album kind of breathe for a little bit, see what people think of it and then maybe I’ll start on the next one,” Larsh said.

He understands the work that goes into making an album and wants to take his time completing his next album.

“I’m writing for it and I have ideas of what I want to put on the next one, I think it’s more just a question of undertaking it again. It’s a lot of investment and it’s a lot of time do that,” Larsh said.

For now, he is committed to building his career as a singer-songwriter and continues to perform live.

“If I can play at a gig in front of like a thousand more people, that’ll be pretty cool. I still have to build myself up to that. That’ll be pretty cool to perform at like a stellar big gig,” Larsh said.

If you go …

WHAT: Ethan Larsh Breaks Hearts
WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 6
WHERE: The Frederick Coffee Co. and Café, 100 N. East St, Frederick, Md.
COST: Free
MORE: The digital version of “Ethan Larsh Breaks Hearts” can be heard online at and purchased for a minimum of $10.

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