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What's NXT Cooking Show bios

What's NXT Cooking Show bios

The Maryland Theatre and Herald-Mail Media have joined forces to create a new health and wellness event, and they have tapped one of Hagerstown’s native sons as the host.

“The Health & Wellness Summit, What’s NXT Cooking Show, plus Dinner with the Chefs” will be held Saturday, Jan. 11, at the theater. The event will be hosted by celebrity chef Justin Warner.

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Let's meet the restaurant owners and chefs, who will be participating in live cooking demonstrations:

Nick's Airport Inn

Chef: Matt Kemp, accompanied by Tess Tiches

Dish: Appetizer - Garlic shrimp with fennel and Parmesan served over Orzo Pasta    

About Nick's Airport Inn: 

In 1961, Nick and Tina Giannaris purchased the Inn, located adjacent to Hagerstown Regional Airport. What began as a combination-type eatery with a bar staffed by one waitress, expanded into a successful

restaurant that employs more than 60 people. The restaurant's phenomenal growth attests to Nick's reputation for serving the best of everything including choice meats, scrumptious seafood, farm-fresh vegetables, homemade breads, delectable desserts and vintage wines and spirits ... in the most exemplary way.

Rik's Cafe

Chef: Arik Mills, co-owner, chef at Rik’s Cafe

Dish: Side dish - Cauliflower mash

About Rik's Cafe: Rik’s Cafe is the culmination of years of time and experience spent in the restaurant industry by owners Rick Chalker and chef Arik Mills. Rick worked his way through the restaurant industry as

a server and bartender before managing venues in Maryland, California, Florida and Virginia. While being a managing partner of the Longhorn Steakhouse in Hagerstown, Rick met Arik, who oversaw food safety

and sanitation. Hence, Rik’s Cafe!

Eliz Restaurant and Lounge

Chef: Elizabeth Mbah, executive head chef

Dish: Entree - Roasted duck covered with a Lager-based beer glaze on a bed of jollof rice and cranberry, all garnished with asparagus and portobello mushroom.

About Eliz Restaurant and Lounge: Eliz Restaurant and Lounge features fusion dishes stemming from original African recipes. Eliz pairs the exotic with the familiar and offers a variety of American-derived

comfort foods. Eliz aims to connect every customer to new experiences and open up new tastes and interests.

Dan’s Taphouse

Owner: Dan Aufdem-Brinke

Dan's Taphouse will handle the beer pairings for the event. 

About Dan's Taphouse: Nestled in Boonsboro, Dan's Taphouse showcases the best in local breweries, vineyards and farms, as well as providing a taste of what the craft world has to offer. 

The custom-built bar features a 34-tap draft system.

B Street 104 Restaurant & Pub

Chef: Jeremy Jones

B Street 104 Restaurant & Pub will handle the wine pairing for the event

About B Street 104 Restaurant & Pub: The restaurant evolved from renovating the historic Antrim House Building in downtown Greencastle. 

B Street takes pride in the flavor and selection of food from very elegant entrees to amazing burgers and fries. Private rooms and a banquet area are also available to accommodate parties, meetings and events. 

Pollo Zone

Chef: Saul Coca

Vegetarian dish: Peruvian rice

Dessert: Tres Leches 

About Pollo Zone: The Pollo Zone is owned and operated by Saul Coca, an El Salvador native. He and his wife, Yudis, opened Pollo Zone in 2013, the first restaurant of its kind in Hagerstown, where they and their three sons, along with other family members, focus on delicious cuisine inspired by recipes handpicked from Peruvian culture. Pollo Zone is the perfect place to experience new tastes and enjoy healthy food from South America.

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