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Celebrate Friendly's 10th birthday in Hagerstown

Celebrate Friendly's 10th birthday in Hagerstown

Join Friendly's for a week of great food and fun activities December 12 through 16 as they celebrate their 10th birthday at the Shank Farm Way location in the north end of Hagerstown. 

From brownie sundaes that everyone can share to their famous Honey Bar-B-Que Supermelt, Friendly's has something for everyone. However, the Family Fun Night fundraisers they host are their favorite. Friendly's loves to be able to support the community and make great memories as friends and family gather to eat and to raise funds for their school or other nonprofit organization. 

Enjoy a Friendly's All-American Burger for just $2 during the celebration (dine-in only). And breakfast is always 50 percent off Monday through Friday.

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