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Former CIA Chief of Disguise to speak at Fort Ritchie Community Center

Former CIA Chief of Disguise to speak at Fort Ritchie Community Center

Retired CIA agent Jonna Mendez is scheduled to speak as part of the Fort Ritchie Community Center Speaker Series on Friday, February 28.

Mendez co-authored the book “Moscow Rules” with her husband Tony Mendez. Following her recruitment into the CIA, Mendez spent several years living undercover in Europe and Asia before being ultimately being promoted as the CIA’s Chief of Disguise.

Jonna and Tony Mendez wrote the book “Argo,” which is the story of how Tony Mendez successfully rescued six American diplomats during the Iranian revolution. The film “Argo” was based upon the book and won the Best Picture award in 2013.

Tony Mendez passed away while working on “Moscow Rules,” which tells the story of how CIA agents used Hollywood-inspired identity swaps, evasion techniques, and other creative methods to combat the KGB and help win the Cold War.

The Speaker Series event starts at 6 p.m. Tickets are $15 per person or $25 per couple and include catered refreshments, the opportunity to meet Mrs. Mendez, and the presentation. A limited number of books authored by the speaker will be available for purchase at the event.

The Fort Ritchie Community Center is a 501c3 non-profit agency located in Cascade, MD on the former Fort Ritchie property. The Community Center provides a wide variety of services to the region including youth programs such as a summer camp, Kid’s Club, and job skills for teens.

For more information on the Community Center, or to purchase tickets for the Speaker Series, please call 301-241-5082, or visit online

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