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Hagerstown's Peanut Butter & Jelly Challenge

Hagerstown's Peanut Butter & Jelly Challenge

Hagerstown’s PB&J Challenge to benefit local students during Christmas Break

Hagerstown’s Stop the Violence Movement has proudly partnered with Bethel Gardens Community Center, for its first initiative #Solutions4Hunger. A challenge has been issued to the citizens and businesses of Hagerstown to help decrease hunger in our community. The citizens have been asked to donate jars of peanut butter, jelly and peanut butter alternatives. Local businesses have been asked to donate at least (1) one tray of bread. These donations will be used to make #LunchBags containing 1 jar of PB&J and a loaf of bread which will be available to parents starting Monday 12/28/15 during Christmas Break when students are out of school, and will not have access to the regular school lunch.

To qualify you must have at least (1) one school age child, or if you have a need because your family has fallen through the cracks…they will have a bag or you while supplies last. They are collecting jars of PB&J at the Bethel Gardens Community Center 356 Henry Avenue, Hagerstown MD 21740, starting 10/1/15 through 12/18/15 with more drop off locations will be added as they become available. Bread will be purchased the weekend of Christmas to ensure freshness.

“The goal of “Hagerstown’s, Stop the Violence Movement” is to bring awareness to actions being taken as a community to help deter violence and reach the young Men/Women who have fallen between the cracks. In addition to
providing a safe way for citizens to meet, plan and execute ways to end the violence, we’re also working on solutions for issues plaguing our town. 2016 promises to be an exciting start to initiatives we can do together to resolve the issues in Hagerstown.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Citizens, donate jars of PB&J and businesses at least 1 tray of bread. Anyone can volunteer to become an active STVM Member so they can do more for Hagerstown! Visit their Facebook page to see how they’re shining a spotlight on those who are already working on #Solutions4Hagerstown !

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