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Krumpe's Donut Drop-Ins in December

Krumpe's Donut Drop-Ins in December

This December, What's NXT, Krumpe's Do-Nut Shop Inc. and Middletown Valley Bank are "dropping in" to locations across the area with FREE Krumpe's surprise!

These are "flash" giveaways!  (Almost) no one knows we're coming!  We'll show up at local convenience stores, offices, restaurants and other local businesses with donuts in hand!  Plus, we'll make sure you know all about the Middletown Valley Bank Krumpe's Donut Drop on New Year's Eve in Downtown Hagerstown!

You won't know won't know when!  But you can check "whatsnxtevents" on Facebook for clues as to where we'll be, posted before each drop-in.

For more information on the Krumpe's Donut Drop, visit

Thank you to our sponsors:  Middletown Valley Bank, AC&T, Bowers Insurance, OneMain Financial, Roy Rogers, Volvo, Washington County Government.

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