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Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line Historical Society

Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line Historical Society



State Line Ruritan Building
State Line, PA 17263

State Line Ruritan Building
State Line, PA 17263

Guest speaker is Gary Johnson, an avid historian from Fayetteville, Pa.  The program will be "Whipped for Wife Beating."  "Wife beating" has occurred throughout mankind's history, stemming from the notion that a woman was considered to be the husband's property, and could be disciplined as he saw
fit.  This common practice existed in the United States until 1850.  After the 1850's, individual states began to enact laws to protect wives from such abuse. Maryland and Delaware were the only states to attempt to stop this practice by subjecting the husband to a public whipping if he was convicted of such a crime. The law was last used in 1950.  This presentation will address the history of this law in MD and PA, and look at local incidents. Visit

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